Jurys Inn Godstow Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX2 8AL

29 September 2017

Display of 1No. Internally illuminated fascia sign, 1No. externally illuminated fascia sign and 1No. non illuminated rear ladder frame mounted sign.

We object strongly to this application. No details are provided of the overall height of the proposed signs, or of their appearance when illuminated, at night. In any case, they are very large – three panels each nearly 4.5m long and over 2m high in one case – and would be enormously obtrusive, especially given the proposed colours. Located where they are, at the ‘gateway’ to the city, these signs present an entirely inappropriate perspective of the character of this beautiful city. In the Northern Gateway Area Action Plan much has been made of the need to provide a worthy entrance to Oxford and the signage proposed in this application would be totally in conflict with this objective. In this era of online information dissemination, accommodation booking arrangements and navigation there can be no justification for this signage on grounds of economic benefit or social need. The serious environmental damage which would be caused by the ugly and obtrusive designs proposed by this application renders it completely unacceptable and we would strongly urge refusal.