209 Morrell Avenue Oxford OX4 1NF

12 September 2017

Erection of a two storey side and rear extension. Provision of bin and cycle store. 

This application proposes increasing the floor area of the accommodation substantially; some of the rooms are not labelled, but it appears that the intention is to create at least seven bedrooms, and possibly as many as nine. The provision of a shower room opening off the kitchen/dining room is implausible, but no other ablution facilities are indicated. The removal of the garage reduces the possible parking provision whilst at the same time increasing the potential occupancy. It also precludes access to the rear of the property, except through the house, and necessitates positioning bike and bin storage in the front garden, yet no details are provided of the proposed appearance of this arrangement. This application constitutes over-development. The property is evidently already being used as an HMO, apparently without consent or registration and consent to this proposal would effectively sanction such usage. The proposed parking arrangements are inadequate, and the design is poor, and lacking in detail. For all these reasons this application should be refused.