John Lewis 101 The Westgate Queen Street Oxford Oxfordshire OX1 1PB

12 September 2017

Display of 1no. internally illuminated projector sign and display of 1no. internally illuminated free standing sign.

This is an extremely poor application, in which it is impossible to understand exactly what is being proposed. The locations of the large number of signs proposed is not clear. Most appear to be a considerable distance from the site of the restaurant, as indicated on the location plan, at the south of the roof area of the building. The site plan shows the location of 10 signs, 4 labelled high level and 6 labelled low level, including 5 labelled entrance. Do high and low level refer to roof and ground level of the whole building or to the height of each sign, relative to floor level on the top storey? Does the restaurant have 5 entrances? The file with details of the signs does not clearly show the wording on the double-sided internally illuminated projector signs. The application appears completely unacceptable in its current form, with insufficient information on the wording of the signs and their location. Acceptance of this application would lead to a proliferation of signs, which, if repeated for each of the restaurants in the Westgate, will result in a totally unacceptable urban scene.