55 Collinwood Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX3 8HN

23 July 2017

 Erection 1 x two storey 2-bed dwellinghouse (Use Class C3). Provision of private amenity space, bin and cycle store and car parking.

The documents online are not complete and do not contain an Application Form. The house proposed is larger than the house proposed in the previously rejected application (14/01999) and there is clear information on the sustainability of the proposed construction. However, in other respects the proposal does not differ materially from the previously rejected application.

From comments by the Parish Council and local Councillors it appears that the Block Plan does not show the street structure adequately with respect to the siting of a bus shelter.

There is, therefore, a danger to passengers waiting for buses, from car traffic crossing the pavement to the enlarged parking area in the front gardens of the 2 houses.

The application should be rejected.