Land Fronting 35 Queen Street Oxford OX1 1ER

2 July 2017

Application for prior approval to install a call box.

We object to the siting of this call box. No evidence is provided that there is any significant need for such a facility at this location. Queen Street is already thronged with pedestrians, and the imminent opening of the new Westgate shopping centre will certainly lead to an increase in such traffic. The installation of more obstructions to the pedestrian area would be perverse; yet it is noted that the applicants propose not one such obstruction, but two, in close proximity in the same street; neither should be permitted. This is one of Oxford’s principal commercial streets, containing some fine buildings. Whilst its architecture is compromised by inappropriate shopfront designs, this is no justification for allowing the further degradation of the built environment by the installation of more, unnecessary street clutter.