Newton Lodge Summer Fields School, Mayfield Road 0X2 7EN.

21 May 2017

Change of use of Newton Lodge from boarding house (Class C2) to a pre-preparatory school (Use Class D1). Erection of two storey rear extension to provide 2no. classrooms. Demolition of no.10 garages and provision of 11.no. car parking spaces. Re-location of vehicle entrance to Newton Lodge and provision of exit to Mayfield Road to provide drop-off area. Alterations to landscaping.

The large site provides ample space for the proposed extensions and changes to the buildings. The changes to the traffic access and flows require more careful consideration. The documents include a Transport Statement but there is as yet no comment from the Highways Authority. The County’s comment will be crucial to the assessment of the impact of the proposals on the traffic situation in and around the one way system that provides access to the school and neighbouring dwellings and the busy Marks and Spencers store in Summertown. OCS would question the justification for as many as 17 additional car parking spaces.  The recognition of the need for a Transport Plan for staff, pupils and parents and visitors is welcome. This should be required by condition in any grant of planning permission. The Arboricultural Report included in the documents does not make specific mention of the future of some  important trees on the site, for example, the mature Cedar of Lebanon tree, although this appears to be some distance away from the new works. More detail of the planting around the new development should also be required by condition.