Garages rear of 38 Hertford Street Oxford OX4 3AJ

27 April 2017

Demolition of existing garages. Erection of 1 x 1 bed dwelling (use class C3). Provision of private amenity space, bin and cycle storage and car parking.

The existing garages, which are too small for modern cars, have been out of uses as garages for some time. 38 Hertford Street is on the corner of Hertford Street and Percy Street. The garages run alongside Percy Street and are built in what would have been originally the garden of 38 Hertford Street. The proposal is to replace the single storey garages with a 2 storey dwelling on the site of the garages and therefore running down the length of the garden. This would present the neighbour at 40 Hertford Street with a two storey high blank wall running the length of his garden. This would cause a significant loss of amenity for his property and an overbearing impact on his garden. The proposal should be rejected.