1 Dodgson Road Oxford OX4 3QS

27 April 2017

Conversion of existing dwellinghouse to create 1 x 1-bed and 1 x 3-bed dwellinghouse (Use Class C3). Insertion of door to front elevation. Provision of private amenity space, and bin and cycle store.

The plan to convert the existing side and rear ground floor extension of this 1930s semi should work well but we are unhappy with the way it is proposed to squeeze the front door of the new dwelling between the original house and the front window of the extension. This would spoil the front elevation facing the road. It would look far better if the front window of the extension was moved to the left to allow more room for the new dwelling’s front door or perhaps a better solution would be for the front door to be moved to the side elevation, replacing the right hand window there. This would also allow a porch to be built, so that the front door did not enter straight into the living-room. The application would be very acceptable, if modified in either of the ways suggested.