10 Thames View Road Oxford OX4 4TG

27 April 2017

Erection of a single storey side extension. Erection of rear outbuilding for use as storage/gym. Formation of vehicle access.

The proposals contained in this application would lead to serious loss of amenity to the existing parts of the property. The new building would completely obstruct some of the windows, being separated by only some 900mm from the rear wall of the house. Although the rooms affected are not all habitable rooms, this design is poor and compromises the amenity of the property. The proposals also involve the elimination of probably two street parking spaces, in a location where parking opportunities are already few. They would also involve the removal of a store, presumably used for bins, which would not be replaced. There are thus no proposals for the storage of bins, and neither is there storage for bicycles. We would urge refusal of this application on these grounds.