35 Phipps Road OX4 3HJ

27 January 2018

 Erection of rear garden building (retrospective)

This retrospective application is for a most unusually large garden building, to be about 45 sq.m floor space. It is said to be for “storage for the incidental use of the existing occupants”. We wonder to what other uses might this building be put? Could it be used for what is becoming known as “shed accommodation”? We note that the gardens of 37 and 39, in the same ownership as 35, also have, as shown on the maps provided in the planning application, comparably large sheds in their gardens. On searching the planning website we found no mention of planning permission having been granted for either of the garden buildings at 37 and 39.

We suggest that to allow the retrospective development of a large garden building with such an uncertain range of potential uses is undesirable and should be refused.