91 Howard Street Oxford OX4 3AZ

30 December 2017

Erection of 1 x 1 bed dwelling (Use Class C3)

The design and access statement makes no reference to the impact that the small house proposed in the application will have on the amenity and car parking area for the flats in 91 Howard Street. In 2005, permission for the modification of 91 Howard Street was granted, with the restriction that 2 off-street parking places were provided at the back of the property, accessed from Catherine Street. The construction of a house on the rear of the plot will, therefore, remove 2 parking spaces, increasing the problem with street parking in the area.

While the cycle parking and bin storage for the new house are very adequate, there is no space for an amenity area, cycle parking and bin storage for the existing flats. This is unacceptable and the application should be refused.