near 272 a Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 7NW

10 December 2017

Demolition of existing former public toilets and erection of a 1 x 1 bed dwelling (use class C3). Provision of bin & cycle store.

This is an exciting and imaginative design for a 3 storey one bed dwelling. However, we are concerned about its relationship with its neighbour to the north, 272a Woodstock Road. The proposed house abuts 272a, blocking a first floor bedroom’s secondary window. The second floor of the proposed house blocks part of the view from 272a’s balcony. The balcony will still have good views but the view down Woodstock Road and part of the view across to St Edward’s School’s grounds will be blocked.

The proposed house has no grounds beyond its footprint and no amenity space but the proximity of Alexandra Park mitigates this.

Regrettably we think that Planning Permission should be refused