24 Lathbury Road Oxford OX2 7AU

17 November 2017

Sub-division of existing 4-bed dwellinghouse into 2 x 2-bed flats (Use Class C3) without change to the 2nd floor flat. Use of garden outbuilding as a 1x 1-bed flat (Use Class C3). Re-positioning of existing front door to side elevation.

Oxford Civic Society regards this application as being contrary to City Council Planning policies in relation to Conservation Areas. The project would be damaging to the character of the area for a variety of reasons.  These include the change in character of the frontage, the proposed change of use of the garden building as a separate dwelling in contradiction to the condition of approval of the original planning application, the precedent that would be set by allowing development of separate residences in the gardens of existing houses, and the over-development that would be apparent if garden buildings of this character were to be permitted.

In addition, the proposed amenity spaces for four separate flats are wholly inadequate and do not meet the City Council’s standards.

Quite apart from all the above issues, this application is seriously deficient in the information provided.  On those grounds alone the application deserves to be rejected.