47 And 49 Marston Street Oxford OX4 1J

18 March 2017

Demolition of 49 Marston Street. Erection of 3 x 4-bed dwellinghouses (Use Class C3). Provision of private amenity space and bin and cycle store. Alterations to flat roof of 47 Marston Street (Amended plans and description).

The demolition of the historic Jingle Cottage (1859-66), detached, still with its original garden and, most unusually and valuably, its original window wooden window frames front and back (the front ones characteristic of a pattern seen elsewhere in Oxford in listed domestic buildings), to be replaced by a terrace of 3 four-bedroom houses is to be resisted;  we wish to register our objections.

First of all, it is disturbing that Liz Woolley’s assessment of the house is listed as an appendix but not accessible to anyone looking at the plans.

We object on the following grounds:

  • the bulk, height and design of the planned buildings
  • these plans are against Local Plan policies
  • there are no environmental, measures available
  • amount of development on site
  • effect on character of street
  • effect on traffic and parking
  • effect on adjoining properties