79 Harefields Oxford OX2 8NR

31 October 2016

Change of use from dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) to Large House in Multiple Occupation (Sui Generis). Erection of a single storey rear extension. Conversion of garage and workshop to habitable space with replacement of doors to windows.

This proposal would result in the loss of a very appropriate family home and the creation of sub-standard accommodation for at least 10 people. The proposed kitchen/dining area is inadequate for the accommodation of so many persons, and shows cramped seating for only 4, at a single small table. Likewise, the living room provides only 10 sqm of floor area, which, again is inadequate provision to enable a reasonable standard of living. The bedrooms are of insufficient size to accommodate much furniture besides a bed, or to allow entertaining, hence the size and quality of the shared amenity space is important. The occupancy would be effectively at least doubled, whilst the parking provision would be reduced. Harefields does not lie in a Controlled Parking Zone, hence the proposal is likely to add possibly 8 cars to street parking. Harefields already suffers from severe parking congestion, with implications for safety, not least for cyclists using National Cycle Network Route 51, of which Harefields forms a part. In converting the existing garage, the proposals remove the possibility of covered and secure bike parking, and for discreet storage of waste bins; the proposed solution provides neither protection nor security and would be unsightly, exacerbating the harm to the visual amenity and the character of the neighbourhood. The proposal would have a significant detrimental effect on the character of the area and that of the properties in the terrace of which 79 is part, and risks the degradation of the neighbourhood by the creation of a modern-day slum. For all these reasons we would strongly urge refusal of this application.