16/02063/ADV and16/02066/LBC

20 New Inn Hall Street Oxford OX1 2DW

31 October 2016

Display of 2No. internally-illuminated fascia signs, 1No. internally-illuminated hanging sign and 1No. internally-illuminated graphics display unit.

New Inn hall St is a typical Oxford St. with College buildings and the Wesley Memorial Chapel. It is not a commercial street, although it has a few shops and businesses at both ends. Ecco, at number 20, is at the end of a terrace of vernacular houses. It is a much restored listed building in a conservation area. It has Moreton’s Cafe on the north side and Coventry Building Society, in a modern, stepped back building to the south. Moreton’s Cafe has three flag signs, although it is unlikely that it has planning permission for all three.

The new signage looks identical to the old apart from the display unit on the southern elevation being almost twice the size of the existing unit. The fascia sign is discreet and attractive. It is not clear from the application whether the existing fascia sign is illuminated but it is proposed that the new one will be. This would not be in keeping with the character of the street.

It is also proposed that there should be a blade sign at the southern end of the dormer, where it would spoil the look of the building and block the view to the south from the window. In any case there is already a fascia sign on the southern elevation of the shop advertising it from that aspect.

We do not think the new blade sign should be given planning permission or that the new fascia sign should be illuminated.